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January 18, 2017

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October 26, 2016

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Ocrober 12, 2016

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September 7, 2016

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August 24, 2016

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April 6th, 2016

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March 2nd, 2016

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February 17th, 2016

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February 3rd, 2016

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January 20th, 2016

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Buddy Reveal

Calia Schexnayder, 11/4/15

Hello…it’s me, Casey and Kennedy’s big buddy (shoutout to y’all). Buddy reveal was a blast! Although it was a little warm and we were wrapped up with limited air access for 30 minutes, it was so worth it when I saw the look on my perfect little buddy’s face. I don’t think I’ve met someone so much like me; it’s actually a little scary. I was a little sad because one of my twins couldn’t make it to the reveal, but now we’re all T-shirt official, and I couldn’t be happier! The Cohesion committee did an amazing job with the buddy pairings, although our trio may be a little dangerous (beware: this is your warning). I’m so excited to show my two perfect littles the ropes and share my great Ambassador experiences with them as they create their own. Overall, buddy reveal was a fun time, and I cannot wait to see even more cuteness and bonding up and down my instagram. Y’all are perfect

Buddy Reveal

By Monet LaCour, 11/4/15

When Kat emailed us saying that the associates had a meeting with Cohesion, I was confused. Doesn’t Cohesion plan fun events for us? Why are we having a meeting with them? So Thursday when the meeting started, we knew there wasn’t a meeting. The way Evan put us into groups then made us walk with them to a different location. When I got there and saw I had a present my first thought was “YAY! CHRISTMAS!” But then I came back down and realized it was better than Christmas. It was my Big Buddy. The only thing to make this better was to realize I had a sister too! Our fAMBily is great. I am so happy I was chosen by DaMika and having Briana as a sister just makes me even more excited to be a part of the Associate Class of 2015!

Buddy Walk

By Waite Reeves, 11/4/15

To me, serving others is one of the most humbling experiences that I’ve ever been able to participate in. Coming into Ambassadors, I think one of the things that stood out to me the most was that this was an organization not only dedicated to being university representatives and serving LSU in that way, but also going out into the community and giving back to those who need help. Until last year, I had never been to Buddy Walk or really even heard about it, but boy was I missing out! Buddy Walk is such a great event that works towards such a great cause in not only supporting DSAG – Baton Rouge, but also the Down syndrome community all around. It’s a fun-filled event jam-packed with games, music, food and tons of fun. (I feel like I’m writing a commercial for it lol) These past two years working the walk have been two of the most influential events that I’ve worked as an Ambassador, and as a person in general. This event is one that hits so close to us because we do it for our main man, Parish Race Webber. That boy is one of the most inspiring people that I’ve ever met, and for those of you that haven’t had the privilege of meeting this remarkable kiddo, I highly encourage it. In just this past year of knowing him, he has shown me so much of what it means to be a strong and confident person and seeing him thrive not only at Buddy Walk, but at life in general, is outstanding. To me, Buddy Walk is something that’s almost unexplainable. The sense of joy that you get from these kids really makes the overall experience a privilege and getting to see the kids have the time of their lives is just an added bonus. I’m so proud to be part of an organization that’s dedicated to Recruiting, Orienting, Advising, and SERVING because not many other organizations can say this and have it mean so much. Buddy Walk is the experience of a lifetime and I encourage everyone to go out and participate in the walk and help to raise awareness in our community. As always, SP did a phenomenal job making it all possible, so I just want to thank them for the constant hours of hard work that they put in. Geaux Buddy Walk, Geaux SP and Geaux Tigers!

Alumni Update

By Ryan Bolotte, 10/21/15

Medical school is everything it’s cracked up to be: challenging, tiresome, and an adjustment. However, not many students have had the opportunities to prepare for the real world like the yellow polo-wearing crew of LSU Ambassadors. We might not realize it when we are college students surrounded by other college students. Once you step out into the workplace or pursue further education, the real world “experience” we possess becomes much more evident.

A series of events that occurred in a three-day span is what opened my eyes to what AMB did for me. Monday: I decided to run for Vice President of Community Service for our class (shocking, right?), and we were required to give a speech; I remained calm and kept my words concise, but still passionate, the entire time. Tuesday: every few weeks we participate in role play as doctors and patients to allow faculty to provide us with feedback on our medical interviewing skills; while I had a few errors, the advising physicians in my group kept mentioning the strength of my communication skills. Wednesday: I was wearing a regular purple and gold LSU shirt at Office Depot when the cashier asked if I had gone to LSU; she began asking about our Journalism program because her son is interested in that field, and he is thinking about attending LSU too (unrelated: her son went to high school with Leonard Fournette so we also talked about Buga “cutting up” on the football field).

I thought after graduating from LSU that my time in Ambassadors was over. In some respects, this is true. With these events and other little reminders every day, I have realized that although I might have hung up my yellow polo for good, the heart and spirit that we have gained never fade away.

Student Doctor Ryan Bolotte

LSU Ambassadors Associate Class of 2011

Welcome, Associate Class of 2015!

By Sasha Ferdinand, 10/21/15

Dear Associate Class of 2015,

Let me start off by saying congratulations on getting accepted into this great organization. I am so excited to meet each and every one of you. I cannot wait to see how all 78 of you contribute to Ambassadors. I hope you make the very most of your time as an ambassador. I challenge you to step outside of your confront zone. I challenge you to sign up for a Saturday tour. I challenge you to apply for SROW and apply for FOAP. I challenge you to do everything you can so that you may grow as a leader and a person. Believe in all that you do and you'll never fail. Welcome to the fAMBily.

Relational Leadership & Empowerment: Know, Be, Do

By Kristen Salles, 10/21/15

In a book called "Exploring Leadership: for College Students who Want to Make a Difference", I read about a concept that I see prevalent in LSU Ambassadors called “relational leadership”, which focuses on five primary components. The book states that this approach to leadership is “inclusive of people and diverse points of view, empowers those involved, is purposeful and builds commitment towards common purposes, is ethical, and recognizes that all four of these elements are accomplished by being process-oriented.” After reading this, I wanted to focus in on the word empowerment with hope that you would take a moment to reflect on how you’ve been empowered through our organization and how we can empower others on campus through our leadership role, too.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word “empower” as a transitive verb meaning 1) to enable 2) to promote the self-actualization or influence of or 3) to give power to. I think the word and definitions can be broken down into three categories: knowing, being and doing.

Knowing myself, how change occurs, and how others view an issue has empowered me in our organization. I also felt empowered when Ashley Harel told me that I am “more than enough” for this leadership role throughout my AMB training process in 2012.

Being ethical, principled, open, caring and inclusive has empowered me in our organization. I’m also empowered when I’m encouraged to be positive, helpful and influential to both prospective and current students during tours, Tiger Calls and every day around campus.

Doing things in responsible ways has empowered me in our organization. I’ve realized that I’ve been enabled to serve LSU and the surrounding community to the best of my ability through many Special Programs Events. I’ve also been entrusted with power to lead Spring Invitational and help students schedule their classes.

Have you been empowered at SROW, while fundraising for Fun-FIN, during a practice for a PERTA performance, or in the membership selections process? I encourage and challenge you to think about how LSU Ambassadors has empowered you in your college journey and how you can empower others on our campus.


By Mary Bergeron, 10/7/15

With the new associates being picked on Sunday (LESS THAN A WEEK OMG), comes the inevitable excitement of buddies! Throwback to last year when AC 2014 got our buddies; I was completely surprised and couldn’t have been more excited when I saw the huge group of people all holding strings with gifts around their feet. Personally, I don’t think I could have a better buddy than Elise. I remember her making me feel so special from the very beginning, bringing me to random people and saying things like, “Look how perfect she is! I love her already!” She always supports whatever I do; she encouraged me to apply for FOAP and texted me as soon as she found out I made it to congratulate me. She read over my Associate Chair application for me, and again sent me the most excited text, just as I sent mine to her. No matter how busy our lives get, we always support each other through the bad times and the good ones, gossip excessively, and ALWAYS have a good story to tell each other when we catch up at Kaminari. I can’t wait for our family to grow this year as we add another member from the Associate Class of 2015. Hopefully my little buddy will be just as surprised as I was, feel just as special as I did, and have the same love and support that my big buddy and me have today!

Serving the Youth

By Armani Mbaye, 10/7/15

The traditional African proverb states that, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

I can attest to this statement through my experience working at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of Baton Rouge. The mission of the Boys and Girls Club is, “To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential, as productive, caring, responsible citizens.”

The Boys and Girls Club serves students ages 5-18 years old from some of the lowest preforming schools in Baton Rouge and who live in neighborhoods with the highest crime rates. The Boys and Girls Club sets students up for success- no matter where they come from.

Each day at the Boys and Girls Club begins with Harambee, a Swahili word meaning “to pull together.” During Harambee, members participate in chants and dances that uplift the Boys and Girls Club community. The remainder of the day consists of Power Hour, or homework hour, where members are able to receive homework assistance and get one-on-one attention. The most important aspect of the Boys and Girls Club are the Enrichment Programs. Enrichment Programs focus on five core areas: Arts, Leadership, Education, Life Skills & Sports, and Fitness & Triple Play.

I am grateful for the opportunity to make an impact on the lives of young students. The students inspire me every day with their humor, ambition, and compassion. The Boys and Girls Club is a retreat for them to be themselves, have an opportunity for personal development, and make new friends.


By Matthew Boudreaux, 9/23/15

FOAP 2015 was an experience of a lifetime! Before move in day, I thought I had an idea of what I was getting into but ohh was I wrong. I don’t think anything, not even all the past stories and shared experiences, could have prepared me for what I was about to endure. All of the long days, the anarchy of advisors, the students who literally care none and a crazy parent or two. But what I was most unprepared for was the true friendships that could be made through this FOAP experience and the growth of myself made possible by my most diverse students.

I think one of the biggest things I gained from my FOAP experience was to adopt a mentality of believing that anyone can do anything. It’s not ok to automatically write someone off and only assume that they can be capable of certain things. Although this may seem like a normal way of thinking, I truly never understood it until FOAP. I had the pleasure of orienting a student with really bad autism this summer. I was so nervous when I found out that my student, Kalvin McCrae, was in my group. I was trying to re-figure out ways of explaining things, redoing my entire meetings, and worrying about giving special attention to this student. Then I was BLOWN OUT THE WATER by Kalvin. He was the most confident student I had that session. He was so excited about orientation, was the most attentive, and had the best questions. Not only was he a great student academically speaking, he was a great student socially. He interacted with every single person in my group and the group was so receptive of him. My students catered to Kalvin all throughout the session to make sure he was comfortable, even though he didn’t need it. Going into scheduling, I was so nervous for him…turns out he was one of the first students to finish with no help from me and might I add that his schedule was FLAWLESS. Kalvin will stay with me for the rest of my life and he will always serve as a constant reminder to never write someone off as incapable because everyone can surprise you.

The biggest thing I think our team gained is a true family. I left FOAP with 23 brothers and sisters that I have always wanted. I know that no matter what or where we are in life, we can call anyone on the team and they would rush over in a heartbeat to help. We are the only ones who will ever understand FOAP 2015 and that’s what makes us so close. All of the late night talks, secret buddy gift reveals, marriage proposals, and “What are the odds” battles will forever be remembered. Freshman Orientation Advising and Preregistration is a life changing experience and will always hold a special place in my heart.

Outside Looking In...

By Madeline Neal, 9/23/15

I’m SEAUX excited to work with the Membership Committee this year and assist in choosing the 2015 AMB Associate class, but I have to admit….it’s a little strange. I was in their position just one short year ago, but it feels like so much longer. I remember going through Selections process for the first time and thinking, “Why are these nice people in matching outfits observing me? And why do they smile so much?” I could tell in their faces they actually loved what they were doing, and that the friendships were real. My favorite part of it all had to be AMB Bid Day…I mean AMX! (Whoops, sorry). That was the day I knew I’d found my place on campus, and from looking around the room it appeared as though 82 other people did as well. This year it looks like I’m going to be one of those goofy, smiling faces in a yellow polo, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Since being accepted into the Associate Class of 2014, I’ve shared so many wonderful leadership experiences, cohesions and service opportunities with groups of people I can confidently call some of my best friends. I’m thankful to Kelli and this organization for giving me the chance to grow into the leader I know I can be, and to live gold while doing so. #ForeverLSU #ForeverAMB

Words with Webber

By Kelli Webber, 9/9/15

What an exciting time! As the fall semester begins, we start thinking about selecting and training our new members. As this time approaches, I encourage you all to remember why you became LSU Ambassadors. Take time to reflect on your journey as an Ambassador so far. The service you have given to LSU and the Baton Rouge community, the difference you have made in the lives of incoming students as well as those in our community, and the friendships and bonds you have made between you. Please think about dedicating some time to working Selections and Training events so that you can have an impact on the future of our organization. With that being said, please also keep in mind one thing…balance. You all are students first, and as much as you love LSU Ambassadors, please think before you sign up for events. Don’t stretch yourselves too thin. Always keep the real reason you are here in the forefront of your mind…to become a graduate of Louisiana State University. Good luck this semester... I can’t wait to see what all you will accomplish!

Student's Perspective of Kickoff LSU

By Jillian Davis, 9/9/15

As an out of state student I did not know much about LSU or the culture of Louisiana. I received an e-mail about Kick Off LSU and I thought it would be the perfect event for my family and I to attend. We could learn more about this big school with so much spirit and how to correctly pronounce “geaux”. From the moment I stepped on campus I felt a very welcoming and positive presence from all of the students on campus – especially the group wearing bright yellow polo’s – whom I later found out were LSU Ambassadors. I was shocked at how college students could be so happy at 8AM. Their enthusiasm really proved their pride and passion for LSU, which really made an impression on me. Throughout the different sessions at Kick Off I learned so much about all of the different programs and resources LSU has to offer. I was even given an intimate tour of my major’s department, eliminating all of those fears of being overlooked at a large university. Kick Off was such a great event because I was able to experience LSU on a typical day and I could see myself as a student walking through the quad to class or relaxing on the Parade Ground. The cherry on top to this great weekend was scoring last minute tickets to the football game the next day against Ole Miss. My first Saturday night in Tiger Stadium solidified my decision that this was the right university for me. The reassuring feeling that the LSU Ambassadors gave me inspired me to one day join the organization and pass on that same confidence to a future tiger!

FOAP 2015

By Tori Callais, 8/26/15

When you think of yourself, what's one word that comes to mind that you're proud of? Orientation wouldn't normally be the first for most, but it's something that means so much to me. This summer I had the pleasure of serving as the Orientation Team Leader for FOAP 2015. Countless hours planning, countless hours training, and countless moments that pushed me to grow led to a summer in white. With a team of 23 outstanding leaders and the largest incoming class of freshmen yet, we set out to make LSU a second home for them. In the process of that, our team became more than just 24 strangers, we became a family. FOAP 2015 was full of orientation, but it was also full of memories that will last a lifetime with friends who will impact us for years to come. Blake Hall will forever share the laughs we shared and will have a piece of FOAP 2015 that will never be able to be put into words. I cannot thank my 23 enough for a summer of a life time and lighting up my life. And I have to thank our POL counterparts for taking on this summer with us. Serving as OTL is something I will always hold dear to my heart and this summer has made me so incredibly excited for SPIN 2016! This year will be full of new ideas, leadership opportunities and of course a healthy dose of the orientation divas. Get ready for an orientation you'll never forget LSU AMB, hope you're as excited as I am!

Keep shining bright,


Welcome, Connor Gonzales!

By Connor Gonzales, 8/26/15

Hello! My name is Connor Gonzales, and I am very excited about being the Ambassador Program’s new graduate assistant! I have been able to meet some of you already over the summer during FOAP, and I am excited to meet the rest of the Ambassador family in the coming weeks. I’ve had experience in the past with Ambassador and Orientation programs, and I cannot wait to share what I’ve learned, as well as learn from you all.

I am a graduate of Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana. I double majored in History and Government, so if you have any questions about World War II or socialism, feel free to ask! During my years as an undergrad, I was an employee at NSU’s Recreation Center from August of 2012 until I graduated in May of this year. I served on the Rec Center’s Student Advisory Committee and was honored with the Outstanding Student Employee Award for 2014-2015.

I was also an Orientation Leader and Nicholls Ambassador my Junior and Senior years, respectively. During the Early Orientations (similar to LSU’s SPIN) and Summer Orientations (similar to LSU’s FOAP), I was the student speaker. I combined my experiences at Nicholls with some life lessons from Bréne Brown (Google her TEDtalks) and Beyoncé to create a 20 minute presentation which taught students that it is alright to miss their marks sometimes and breakdowns are really just spiritual awakens.

I am incredibly excited to begin this new chapter of my life at Louisiana State University. I look forward to working, learning, and laughing with this phenomenal group of student leaders! See you soon!

The Tale of Two Orientation Leaders

By Emily Smith, 4/24/13

Out of all of our events each year, Spring Invitational definitely has to be my favorite. There is no other aspect of this organization that is more fun or more rewarding than serving as an orientation leader.

Helping students fall in love with this university and instilling within them the same pas- sion that we all hold for LSU is one of our greatest roles. SPIN has taught me so much about relating to students, professionals, and other leaders and makes me even more proud to be an Ambassador and an LSU Tiger. These past four years with AMB have flown by and each year has brought new challenges and opportunities, all of which I am very grateful for. From all of the awkward jokes, blank stares, and forgotten PERTAs to photo shoots with the stuffed tigers, crawfish boils, and comforted students, SPIN is the source of countless memories that I will never forget.

The Tale of Two Orientation Leaders

By Jill Meyer, 4/24/13

My first time working SPIN was absolutely incredible, humbling and unforgettable. I began the experience not knowing what to expect and unsure of how my students would perceive me. After the Wednesday night meeting, a student approached me with questions about pharmacy school. Being a pharmacy school hopeful, I was able to answer her questions and give her advice based on my personal experiences. Her appreciation was so rewarding, and that is when I fell in love with orientation. Over

the next two days, I made connections with more of my students as we walked to our meeting location, waited in line at The 5 and flipped through the Open Section Reports. These moments made my first SPIN experience that much more memorable. I also loved seeing my fellow Ambassadors dressed in their PKNB and serving our amazing university. SPIN made me fall in love with LSU and LSU Ambassadors all over again, and it made me so excited for future orientations. Geaux Group 16 and Geaux SPIN!

After Awhile, CrocoKYLE. We love you.

By Kyle Nixon, 4/24/13

As I begin to prepare my last Tiger Talk article as the Graduate Assistant, I am overcome with a great deal of emotion. To put into words how this experience has impacted my life is nearly impossible. The last two years have been an incredible journey filled with success, growth, challenges and triumph - and all of it has made me a better person and leader. I hope that it has been the same for you.

Just two short years ago, in August 2011, I joined the staff in the Office of Orientation. I was beyond excited, and as you all can imagine, a little nervous. I knew then what an extraordinary opportunity I had been given, but I could have never imagined the many blessings that have led me to this day. I am eternally grateful for this moment, and all of the moments we have shared. To each of you, thank you for the blessing you have been.

I began this experience with the goal of serving you, but in the process, you educated me about life, love,

friendship, and service. My time with you has enriched my life beyond measure, and you have all graciously invited me into this LSU Ambassadors family with open arms.

It is both an exciting time personally and professionally. But as you might expect, it is also very emotional. Please know that I’ll always value our relationships and remain to you as an advocate and friend. I love each of you more than you can imagine, and I look forward to seeing all of your successes in the months and years ahead. Forever LSU!

A Family Affair

By Erin Kenna, 4/24/13

Spring Invitational is a whirlwind for all parties involved. Parents are exhausted, students are overwhelmed and the staff ensuring things run smoothly wears multiple hats in a frenzied rush.

I know I speak for everyone representing Parent & Family Programs within the Office of Orientation when I say thank you - from the bottom of my heart - to the Parent Orientation Leaders who welcomed each parent/family member with open arms to the greatest university on earth. I assure you that your dedication spoke volumes for those hesitant guardians worried about “losing” their babies.

I am impressed by the incredible staff I work with on a daily basis in Johnston Hall (this means you TL), and Spring Invitational solidified how phenomenal this summer will be when the POLs join the mix. Arenn Martin, Paige LeBlanc and Aimee Frierson have worked diligently to prep their team, and it was obvious as the leaders informed parents about the Family Association and other available opportunities.

Again, many thanks to the incredible POL team for helping Parent & Family Programs throughout SPIN. Parents’ questions were answered, their fears were calmed, and I’m hopeful that each parent has become a proud and true Tiger. I cannot wait to learn about the strides you all make as POLs this summer!

And the General Members lived happily ever after...

By Chase August, 4/24/13

General Membership Retreat, commonly referred to as GMR, was definitely the highlight of week. After a long, grueling week of exams and studying, I found comfort in the fact that I was going to be sharing my Friday night with some of my fellow ambassador friends, as well as getting the opportunity to meet some that I don’t commonly get the chance to interact with. GMR exceeded my expectations, to say the least!

The night began with typical socializing amongst the participants as we awaited the arrival of all the members. We split into our respective teams before playing a game that required us to guard our “dragon eggs.” We attempted to burst each balloons, or “eggs”, that were tied to each other’s legs. Next we engaged in an intense and competitive game of dodge ball, using stockings filled with flowers as the balls. As I recall the devastation that was left on the Quad at the game’s end, it resembled a snow-covered Greek battlefield. The AMB’s held NOTHING back. The night ended with the infamous tradition of taking a plunge in the Dodson water fountain as we shared laughs and thoughts about the evening.

I would definitely recommend this experience to each and every ambassador. I was so appreciative of the opportunity to get to know some of the other amazing leaders in our great organization and bond over wiping the excess flowers off of their backs. Next to SROW and the Super Bowl, GMR was definitely one of the highlights of my semester!

Oops...I Tweeted Again

By Dondalyn Breaux, 3/27/13

The Communications Committee hosted its first Communications Workshop, which highlighted valuable information on social media, professional communication, and one’s “personal brand”. The panel that spoke consisted of four local professionals, Sales & Marketing Strategist Whitney Breaux, Student Services Coordinator Melissa Thompson, HR Manager Christine Assaf, and SSA’s Management Consultant John Snow.

To break the ice, little Jason (Whitney Breaux’s son), performed Calling Baton Rouge, which obviously set the mood. Subsequently, Ambassadors introduced themselves and the panel likewise.

Whitney hit the ground running and gave her renowned “Oops I Tweeted Again” presentation, which is always a favorite. Afterward, Megan Gibbs threw a few questions toward the panel to help Ambassadors better understand Big Girls & Boys World. Each expert encouraged connecting with people working in an industry one would want to pursue. They also stressed the importance of marketing oneself. Snow put it best when he said, “Don’t be afraid to talk about how awesome you are.”

Later, the floor was opened to more Q&A. Each speaker broke down the significance on building our resume or brand and maintaining relationships via networking.

As for me, I hope AMB has more workshops like these in the future. If I took away anything from the workshop it’s to begin networking NOW. Geaux AMB, Geaux Tigers, and in the words of Whitney Breaux: “Don’t post dumb stuff!”

Lemonade Day: How Refreshing

By Travis Curson, 3/27/13

Teamwork. Enthusiasm. Community. These are some of the words that come to mind when I think of Lemonade Day. First, the cause is unique and is a great way to help the younger generation get on the path to success in the field of entrepreneurship. More specifically, I was honored to be able to help in whatever way I could in order for Lemonade Day to be even more of a success. Everyone working together that day was definitely a sight to see as everyone had a smile on his/her face and we all enjoyed helping this wonderful cause. We even finished much earlier than what was predicted because as people arrived to help, they did a magnificent job of jumping in and finding where they could be most helpful. Also, going back to everyone wearing a smile, the atmosphere of it was very positive and upbeat and it made helping that much more fun. This is an event that I would participate in over and over again because I knew that even though I was just stuffing bags, I was making a much bigger impact than that working with a great team of volunteers both within and outside of LSU Ambassadors.

Lions and Tigers and Free Movies, Oh My!

By Andrea Vargas, 3/27/13

Last Friday, the wonderful cohesion committee planned for us to see Oz the Great and Powerful. It was a night full of surprises! We started our evening off with a group dinner at the food court: tasty and accommodating for everyone. It was there that we got surprise number one. Turns out that we qualified for the student discount, and cohesion was able to pay for all of our tickets in full!! We were all very excited (what college student doesn’t get excited over free things?), and headed on over to the theatre. As we sat in our seats patiently awaiting for the previews to start, we got surprise number two; our movie projector froze! As you can imagine we were all very upset, Ryan Bolotte even stood up and tried to start a riot! Within a few minutes the theatre manager came in and gave us surprise number 3 as an apology for the delayed movie start. FREE MOVIE PASSES!!! That was the icing on the cake. Finally, our movie was started, and I have to say that I personally loved Oz the Great and Powerful. It was a truly magnificent night and I am so glad I was able to be a part of it. Thanks Cohesion!!!!!!

SROW's Journey to Memphis

By Tyler LaCoste, 3/20/13

This past weekend, the SROW Committee of 47 outstanding members took a trip to Memphis, Tennessee to have the experience of a lifetime. This last weekend of SROW was the we had been we had been yearning and preparing for since October of the fall semester, and it was an amazing feeling to have not only have our expectations but surpassed ten-fold. The first official day of SROW our SROW Mama Sierra and her lovely associate chair Bridget Bailey surprised us all with a trip to visit the inspiration behind this years theme “Blue Suede SROW”, “The King” Elvis Presley. This amazing gift along with countless of phenomanol Swag items could not have been possible without the countless hours of work that our outstanding Fundraising committee put in for us. SROW hadn’t even started yet and the committee was off the wall excited. As we got there the committee was able to exchange stickers provided by our phenomenal decorations committee, with the other schools. Sharply followed by sticker swap, was our creative and “swagtastic” roll call committee’s time to shine. The committee left the crowd with their jaws on the floor and their hands red with applause! Later in the night, we showcased our song committee’s masterpiece of a song and dance combination. The crowd was roaring as the whole committee rocked the stage so hard that it literally swayed as we danced! What can we say though; After all we are “The School on Fire”. The day ended a complete and utter success as the committee was brought back to the hotel for some sleep before a long but SROWtastic day of presentations! A special shout out goes to our wonderful presentation leaders Brandon Guillory, Brock Duhon, Margaret Price, Ricky Richard, Taylor Ann Hasty, and last but certainly not least Taylor Moss as they brought the house down with the amount of passion and love they have for their presentations and groups. After the day of presentations had subsided the night activities could begin. The Playfair and Keynote Speaker portion of the night consisted of speakers who expressed to the conference the true importance of the SROW conference and what it truly means to be a leader, set goals, and be motivated to do them. I feel like I speak for the entire committee when I say that it was truly inspiring. For the last part of the night the committee danced the night away at the SROWcial. LSU has a tradition of dressing up in a theme, usually the farthest thing from the actual theme as possible, and this year’s theme brought to us by the SROWhesion committee was mimes! Each member of the member was equipped with black, white, and red clothing, white gloves and a customized mask! A perfect way to end a perfect day. A shoutout goes to our to small committee leaders Chelsea Black, Dylon Hoffpauir, Gabrielle Favret, Lindsey Beckwith, and Raina Vallot, who without these leaders this experience could not have been possible. Unfortunately Sunday was the end of our SROW 2013 journey. However, we did not leave empty handed or without a bang! Our very own Kyle Nixon was honored with the title Most Outstanding Graduate Assistant, and we couldn’t agree more! Brandon Guillory was awarded Most Outstanding Undergraduate Student! Margaret Price and Brandon Guillory were awarded for having the Best Communication Skills during their case study competition on Saturday! For the category of presentation reaching out to all audiences one of LSU’s presentation committee received first place for their presentation on SROWcial Media! And if all of that wasn’t enough, our t-shirt design, created by none other than our artistically, genius committee, received first place! This was such a rewarding and well spent weekend for all and couldn’t have been a better life experience. I encourage everyone to get involved with the SROW experience and get the most out of their time as not only an LSU Tiger, but as an LSU Ambassador.

Raising Some Funds & Having Some Fun

By Beau McMillan, 3/20/13

Being one of nearly two hundred LSU Ambassadors, it can be kind of hard to get to know everyone. My favorite thing about working concessions is that you have the opportunity to work with new people in a fast-paced, exciting environment. It’s not like giving directions at a Recruiting event in the Quad. You are relying on your teammates to help run an efficient stand, where everyone is equally important. We are the shining faces that people go to for an ice-cold Coca-Cola product when they are parched, and we’re the providers of hamburgers when they are famished. It’s a big deal!

Laura Flandez and I realized that we share a mutual passion/obsession with Brooks Brothers. We are basically the same person when it comes to preppy attire. Matt Landry and I also had a very lengthy discussion about bow ties. Fun Fact: we both make our own. I see collaboration in the near future!

Personally, I think the whole experience is worth it just to hear TL’s commentary for 5 hours. She’s always doing the most!! Finally, when you think you’re about to leave, you get to recount everything…literally. Then you get to do that again! Pray that the numbers add up… or you’re going to count it all even another time.

Concessions are a fun and great way to help raise money for our organization! Geaux FUN-FIN!

Recruiting at Saturday Tour

By Josie Jones, 3/20/13

Saturday tour was something I always thought I’d avoid at all cost. When I found myself in need of some Recruiting points, I had to take a deep breath and sign-up. I went into the Saturday Tour expecting to have a partner to give a tour with, but was sadly mistaken. When I got introduced to my group that I was giving a tour to, I was relieved after I introduced myself and found that they were very responsive. Throughout the tour, they asked questions, laughed, and continued to be very involved. Once the tour was over and we were saying our goodbyes, my entire group was more than appreciative and left with smiles. Saturday Tours are now probably one of my favorite, most rewarding things I have done within Ambassadors. I encourage everyone to give it a shot! GEAUX show how passionate you are for our stately oaks and broad magnolias!

SROW'ing Off: Mock SROW Day

By Lauren Griffin, 3/6/13

This year’s Mock SROW Day was definitely one for the books. Dodson was filled with friends, family, and SROW Alumni to see what this year’s SROW committee brought to the table. The committee performed their song and roll call which was super crunk, if I do say so myself. Also, everyone got to do their presentation. Needless to say, everything was spot on. Whether exploring all the possibil- ities social media can present to orientation programs, or getting low in front of the bell tower, it was clear to see all the time and effort put into the committee. This year, our SROW committee has the honor of bringing all six of their presentation groups to Memphis. This hasn’t happened in years, so you can only imagine how absolutely thrilled the entire committee was. However, one of the main reasons we have had so much success is because we have such great leaders in our committee. All the presentation leaders and subcommittee leaders went above and beyond for SROW and I am so proud to be working with them. Most of all, I want to say what an amazing job Sierra and Bridget have done. I have looked up to both of them so much and I can only hope to be as great of a leader as they are one day. They have put their heart and SR’oul into this organization and I cannot say how lucky I feel to have had the privilege to be under the leadership of these two amazing individuals. But it’s not over yet! SROW better get ready, because LSU tigers are taking over!

Semi-Formal: Cohesing on the Dance Floor

By Callea McGehee, 3/6/13

Friday night was a great night full of cute dresses, picture taking, and dancing at LSU AMB semi-formal. Before semi-formal, we went to dinner at Koi sushi with what seemed like half the organization. I swear we filled up the entire restaurant with LSU AMBs, but honestly, it was definitely a case of “the more the merrier.” Consid- ering, we danced most of the time at semi-formal, dinner was a great time to catch up with everyone after a long week. Once we arrived to semi-formal, I ran around trying to greet the other half of the organization that wasn’t at dinner before dancing and spending the night taking pictures. Everyone was so excited to be there at semi-formal, and you could really tell by all the chatter and partying that was going on. Being new to Ambassadors, I am beginning to realize that no matter if it is LSU events or just hanging out with friends, every AMB has a bright spirit and is always exciting to be around. I think what I enjoyed most was getting to catch up with everyone and taking photos. The backdrop was cute and a great place to take all kinds of crazy, silly and normal photos. Semi-formal was a great way to spend time socializing with new and old friends of all ages in an environment other than school, work or service. Ultimately, I am glad I was able to attend my first semi-formal as an LSU Ambassador.

Acalog Training

By Brock Duhon, 3/6/13

Last Thursday in Dodson Auditorium the entire general population of LSU Ambassadors gathered together to learn about one of LSU’s newest Orientation tools, Acalog. The meeting proved to be an informative and interesting preview of a new tool coming to an orientation near you. Acalog proved to be an interesting new technology that will revolutionize every orientation session furthermore. It will allow orientation leaders to more effectively educate new and prospective Tigers on LSU’s scheduling protocol and requirements, which allows for a more personalized orientation experience. Acalog features tools such as a digital portfolio where you can “star” frequently visited pages for quick and easy accessibility that will prove essential for Orientation Scheduling meetings, and will create a more convenient scheduling experience overall. One extraordinary feature is the Acalog’s mobile application, which students can download on any smart phone to have it readily accessible during orientation’s advising and scheduling meetings. Acalog training was more than enough to get everyone excited for Spring Invitational and I would like to extend a huge shout out to Taylor Marie Glacier Parks, Austin Kennedy Holleman, Christopher Weimer and the entire orientation committee for planning such an interactive and informative training event.

A Cohesion to Remember

By: Lyonel Nicholas, 2/20/13

Who knew laser tag could be so intense? Friday night’s laser tag and bowling Cohesion was so exciting! Laser tag, comprised of two teams full of creative code names, was an awesome experience. Filled with strategies and suspense, the laser tag arena was the place to be! Even though our team lost three out of the four rounds, we all enjoyed the game; but I must say we did have the most top scorers the whole time. After laser tag we all made our way to the bowling lanes. I know that I am not the best bowler and my score clearly displayed that. I may have actually had the lowest score of the night. Nevertheless, being there with fellow Ambassadors made for a fantastic night. I would like to send a special thanks to the awesome Cohesion Committee for an eventful night of fun and bonding at Quarters.

SROW Garage Sale: Seaux what?! It was 99 cents!

By: Taylor Moss, 2/20/13

The SROW garage sale was quite a cold, but entertaining event. There was the tiger dragon outfit that Laura tried on, socks being used as gloves, and the occasional hideous corduroy skirt bought and worn to the SROW meeting the next day. The SROW Fundraising Committee did a phenomenal job putting this together and making sure everything ran smoothly. We ended up selling a lot of stuff and had a lot of fun while doing it; even if it was -47 degrees outside. What better way to bond than laughing about some old, atrocious items, or snuggling near one another to stop your body from becoming an icicle?! Every year the goal of SROW fundraising is for the entire committee to be able to go to SROW free of cost. And because of the amazing fundraising committee, bountiful donations, and the hard work put into the events we were recently told that we will get to go FO FREE! GEAUX SROW!

Magical Correspondence!

By: Molly North, 2/20/13

In January I began a journey that I could have never imagined would be so incredible and well…magical! I moved to a place where dreams come true, happiness is on every street corner and visible in each person that you meet. I’m currently working in Walt Disney World at the Emporium on Main Street in Magic Kingdom and it’s been a blast! It is the largest store in all of the Disney theme parks so it is always busy! The people I work with are so much fun and from all over the globe, my leaders have been so great and I have the best roommates anyone could ask for! We work as a team each and every day to help our guests so that they may have the most magical memories. I love talking with the kids and their families about their day here in the Magic Kingdom. I hear so many wonderful stories and see so many smiles in one day that I can’t help but think I have the best job in the world! It’s been incredible to help make the magic and create happiness for all of the guests I meet each and every day here in the Magic Kingdom!

Congrats to the Associate Class of 2012!

By: Justin Daws, 2/6/13

6:20! 6:25!! 6:30!!! As we watched the clock, excitement, anxiety and nerves filled the air as all of the 2012 Associates gathered around the beautiful Dodson fountain on Sunday night ready to receive the much anticipated Yellow Polo. When walking into Dodson, the only building to not have a bathroom, we couldn’t help but to think about the long hours of selections, training and studying that we went through all for this night, the night where we, Associates, become official LSU Ambassadors. As we walked in, we saw Kelli, Kyle and our Big Buddies who were all there to support us in this major achievement and celebrate this night with us. After hearing beautiful advice from some of our leaders, it was now time to stand up one-by-one and receive our Yellow Polo’s from our Big Buddies. Notonly did we get the excitement of seeing one another receive our Polo’s, but we also got to witness our amazing advisor, Kelli, receive her surprise Polo and officially become inducted into LSU Ambassadors. Sunday night’s celebration was not meant only for the Associate Class of 2012, but it was also meant for our Big Buddies, mentors, lead- ers, advisor, alumni, family, and friends who pushed us to follow our dreams and be- come LSU Ambassadors. Thus a multitude of dreams came true on Sunday, January 27 at approximately 6:30 p.m.. GEAUX AMB!!


By: Raina Vallot, 2/6/13

After a full day of classes and work, I packed up my overnight bag for a seemingly routine night of SROW activities: presentation group meetings, subcommittee meetings, important date announcements, typical icebreakers, etc, etc. Boy, was I in for a surprise! While the committee did have important SROW work and information to take care of, the overnight experience was mainly focused around growing and bonding as a committee, and learning to love and accept each other as family. We enjoyed a night filled with “activity findings,” rounds of “whatcha doing?”, and some amazing grub, compliments of our SROW momma, Sierra. We also swagged out to the newly revealed Song and Roll Call routines and had a blast promoting school spirit, even if it was only amongst ourselves. Even with all the progress we made with blurbs and overviews, and the fun we took part in in the beginning of night, my most memorable activity was when we shared and destroyed our fears. After spending a few moments coming to terms with and actually writing them down, we formed a circle in the middle of the quad, where we shared our fears for life, love, academics, the future, the SROW experience, and more. I was overwhelmed with my own emotions, as well as empathy towards my fellow SROW members who were bravely facing their fears and supporting others through theirs simultaneously...before we knew it, it was 4 a.m.! The best part of the exercise, besides the flood of tremendous love shared, was that we destroyed our fears Kung Fu style! SROW’vernight was an experience of a lifetime that I was honored to take part in with a fantastic group of individuals I’m privileged to call my family. Ending the night in the most perfect way, as one big family, we snuggled up on the floor of Allen Hall and fell asleep to LSU’s own, Pitch Perfect. What I was intending to be just another organization’s overnight retreat turned out to be a lifechanging and unforgettable cluster of events... and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

CAC Cohesion

By: Julie Wilkins, 2/6/13

Council and Associate Chairs got together in Allen the first Friday of the semester to bond with each other as well as begin planning for the spring semester. As soon as At-Large began to settle everyone down, they surprised us with a hilarious dance that had everyone in the room cracking up. The night included ways for everyone to get to know each other better, as well as acts of appreciation for everyone’s hard work this past semester. At-Large conducted the second Associate Chair forum of the year to discuss and evaluate each com- mittee as well as have every Associate Chair set personal goals for this upcoming semester. I hope all the AMBs are excited for a great spring semester!

A Closer Council: Mid-Year Retreat

By: Sierra Crump, 1/23/13

Every winter season while AMBs are spending time with their families and sugar plum fairies are dancing above heads, council takes a weekend to come together as one for the annual Midyear Retreat. This year it was at the booming metropolis of Chicot State Park in Ville Platt, and I had the pleasure of hosting it for our group. As I ducked and dodged what looked to be deer with fangs (the Cullen’s would've been in heaven), I couldn't contain my excitement for what I knew would be an amazing three days.

For those who have never heard of our trek before, Midyear is simply put, a refocus for council. It's a time for us to reflect back upon our past events of the semester and plan even better ones for the upcoming year. We reconstructed the ambassador calendar, adjusted our budgets, received feedback on our past events, amended the constitution and bylaws, ate Sierra's delicious meals and planned for next semester. And yet...for those who have ever had and will have the chance to experience retreat, there's a certain magic in it all. We allowed our walls to come down and became a closer council because of it. We have a brand new set of goals for ourselves, and we want each and every one of you to hold us accountable! And as we continue on throughout the semester, we promised one another we would keep the spirit of Midyear in our hearts. The spirit that included our bond of watching game shows during all of our breaks (BIG MONEY, NO WHAMMYS). We promised ourselves to uphold the spirit of waking up earlier than we would class, but knowing we were doing it to make this organization better than we found it. We promised to always uphold the spirit of giving back to an organization that has already given us so much. And lastly, we promised to exude that spirit with every event, committee and program we organize this semester. So get ready, my beautiful Ambassador babies, because this year will be...Survey Says: AWESOME.

New Student Orientation

By: Mallory Estopinal, 1/23/13

New Student Orientation this year was something I was looking forward to all Christmas break – I was excited to head back to Baton Rouge to see all of my lovely AMBs a bit early and I was even more excited to be the Art and Design College leader! I had the best group, which also had me excited, but as soon as we got our list of students we just looked at each other and chuckled. No one had signed up for Art and Design for orientation! Of course there was the option of someone switching into A&D so we got our slides ready, personalized them, and practiced what we were going to go over. The next 2 days were pretty dreary in the weather department, but we definitely made the best of it. I got to spend the day hanging out with Syd and Morgs as Group 10 for the WIN! We also got to sleep in a bit on day 2 (jealous?), enjoy some free lunch, and hope someone had the realization that they actually loved A&D. That last part never happened, but just being in our bar shirts and preparing for orientation was enough for us! It was great to be with everyone again and freshen up on our facts. New Student orientation ended up being a blast, which has made me even MORE excited for another orientation in a few months – SPIN!

Transfer Orientation

By: Michael Braud, 1/23/13

Bag stuffing. Torrential downpour. The synchronous choir of exam schedule explaining verbatim. Yes, orientation was back, and I couldn’t be happier - standing behind a table asking the transfer students “would you like to buy a tshirt?”

Close to 300 students came through our recent Transfer Orientation, and the LSU Ambassadors had the opportunity to welcome them to our outstanding University. Generally, the Ambassadors only have a few minutes to orient and connect with their students as they escort them to their respective colleges on campus. As I was doing so through the pouring rain, with the spectacular students that can only come from MDA, I was reminded just how amazing the experience of being an orientation leader was. Meet my student, Matthew Prest, who was transferring from Connecticut to pursue a degree in film and television. I gave him as much insight as I could about LSU, and he, in turn, gave me a lot of insight about taking chances and life in general within that short walk. There’s something beautiful about connecting with a student whilst making them comfortable here at LSU. If anyone has the opportunity to work any orientation, I promise you it is well worth every second, even if some people don’t want to buy a tshirt.

Recruiting in Atlanta

By: Charles Lewis, 1/23/13

It was a cold night in my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, however the impending game between the LSU Fighting Tigers and the Clemson Tigers added sparks of excitement through the Atlanta air. Though our Tigers didn’t get the job done in the Chick-fil-A bowl that night, one of your fellow AMBs was able to take some time out of his busy study schedule to help recruit some of Georgia’s best high school students to LSU. Held at the Georgia Aquarium, the largest aquarium in the world, LSU Purple and Gold took over the complex’s Ocean’s Ballroom. The night kicked off with The Golden Band from Tigerland playing their traditional LSU fight songs followed by LSU Chancellor Bill Jenkins welcoming the audience. Shortly thereafter the Q&A section about student life at LSU was underway. Students and parents alike came ready with questions, but thanks to the exceptional training I received from Ambassadors, I was equipped to tackle them.

Candlelight Celebration

By: Dylon Hoffpauir, 1/23/13

Candlelight Celebration was an awesome way to start off the holidays! It was awesome for all of us seasoned AMBs to get to come together with our Little Buddies. Singing the Alma Mater is always a wonderful tradition, but it seemed even more special to share it with my fellow AMBs, cheerleaders and Mike the Tiger! I had such a great time mingling with others who were at this event. Mike the Tiger kept us entertained as always by taking numerous pictures and even by making several small children cry in fear... That darn tiger!! Nonetheless, Candlelight Celebration was a ton of fun, and everyone should sign up for it next semester!!

Assassin Week

By: Kelsey Bradbury, 11/14/12

Have you ever been afraid to walk out of your room, walk out of class, or even go to the bathroom? Well those of us who played assassin last week totally understand that feeling! Starting at midnight on Sunday, we all became extremely paranoid of meeting up with our “assassin” as we, ourselves, unleashed our inner creepers. The point of the game was to shoot your “target victim” with a Nerf gun. Once they were dead, your next target was whomever your victim was supposed to kill. I had a great time playing! After Chelsea Black’s 9:30am class, I shot her dead right in front of the Dodson fountain. After that, I was on to shoot my next target: Katie Huang. I was able to shoot her after coming out of her class in Himes (although I got some crazy looks from other students waiting outside!) My next victim would be super easy to kill: Leah Delahoussaye. Being that she lives two stories downstairs, she was going to be the easiest target of all. In the process of waiting for her to come back to Miller, Katie Ryals creeped into the building and got her friend to pose as a resident who needed help. Upon warily opening my door, I saw Katie Ryals with her Nerf gun and was able to close my door super fast… saving my life! Katie and her friend activated super stalk mode and started asking other RAs about the exact particular time that I shower! About 30 minutes later, a resident knocked on my door and said she needed help with Biology homework. After interrogating her for 10 minutes, I was convinced that she wasn’t an accomplice of Katie Ryals and that she really needed help with Biology. I told her that we needed to run to her room super fast and mid-sprint… BOOM…. Katie Ryals comes from behind the wall and shoots me down. Oh Katie Ryals…. using my sweet, sweet residents against me! Despite being killed in my own home while trying to help out my residents, I had a great time playing and can’t wait to play again in the spring! Thanks Anne Marie, Ryan, and Katie for planning such an awesome cohesion!


By: Taylor Ann Hasty, 11/14/12

SROW is finally in full swing! At the first meeting, the subcommittee leaders were revealed. The committee as a whole divided into small groups and went through a Round Robin to each subcommittee leader. Each member got more insight to what each subcommittee does along with gave some ideas to each of the subcommittees. This allowed each committee member to rank his/her favorite subcommittee. The second meeting was business time. Sierra and Bridget lead the crew through the selection of six presentation ideas to submit to SROW. After hours of discussing each topic, patience, and respect of the opinions of one another, six phenomenal presentation ideas were at last selected! On Friday, it was time for Late Night! The presentation leaders were announced and each member was made known of his/her presentation group and subcommittee. Everyone strapped on his/her blue suede shoes as the first subcommittee and presentation group meetings were held. Indubitably, there was tons of laughter, meeting new friends and, of course, dancing thrown into the wonderful mix of SROW. Sierra and Bridget have already done beyond an amazing job in leading this committee, and I honestly can not wait to watch both of you make an impact on the lives of each member of this incredible committee. I'm so proud to watch every member, including myself, represent LSU and rock the socks of Memphis. Y'all ain't nothin' but hound dogs, and I'm so incredibly honored to be a part of this journey with each and every one of you. Again, GEAUX! SROW!


By: Trey White, 11/14/12

While serving as an orientation leader for many incoming students, we are often presented with many situations that require you respond quickly so that the scenario doesn’t escalate. When given the chance, I quickly jumped on the opportunity to be a part of the Sticky Situation skit because it was one of my most memorable moments throughout my associate training. I really enjoy acting and being very dramatic, so I took every opportunity I had to be as theatrical as I could be, while getting the message across. My groups’ skit was “The student who has his schedule premade and insists that it is correct”. Although you most likely won’t have students obnoxiously pulling their neighbors desk to compare schedules, or students excluding other members because they have cooties, you will encounter a student who might fall under that category, as well as any other category. We tried to present the different groups with the worst situation so they could be prepared for the minor situations that are to come. How well you respond and how quickly you respond to a sticky situation will play an importance when in an orientation setting, because it is up to you to know how to handle and direct your group.

We're Walking with Buddies!

By: Sara Hazlewood, 10/31/12

What a fun, sunny day to attend Buddy Walk 2012! I was seaux proud to see both Seasoned and Associate Ambassadors join the Down Syndrome Awareness Group to celebrate our beloved Kelli and Parish. AMB support was clearly visible by the sea of purple Parish tshirts intermixed with all the other team colors. Our awesome Special Programs Committee paved the way for volunteers to lend a helping hand. Maddie, Chelsea, and Julie kept the crowd entertained throughout the day with exciting crafts and fun game stations. Mike the Tiger was definitely a crowd favorite and Buddy-magnet as he mingled with the families throughout the day.

PERTA reminded the crowd that “We’re all in this together,” is more than just a lyric, but a unity theme for everyone to remember. All day, buddies and their families delighted as they passed through the colorful balloon arch to receive their medals. Laughter and smiles were contagious! It warmed my heart to know that the LSU Ambassadors were there to help promote diversity and acceptance. This may have been my first Buddy Walk, but it certainly won’t be my last. Make sure to keep your calendars open next October for Buddy Walk 2013! Geaux Tigers!

Training the Associate Class of 2012!

By: Patrick Newcomb, 10/31/12

The Associate Class of 2012 gathered on Sunday for their first Training of the year. This was the first training in a new system that features four trainings instead of the traditional three trainings. After a study session plus donuts with At-Large, and a quick cram session with their Big Buddies, the Associates were ready for their first test as Associate Ambassadors. After finishing their test, the Associates wasted no time moving on

to the next task; an activity find that featured groups of Associates sprinting to different locations to discover the resources available to first-year students. While talking to a few Associates about the training process, I’ve learned that their favorite part of training is the bonding with other

Associates and seasoned Ambassadors. The Associates often refer to themselves as a family, which shows that this Associate Class is closer than any Associate Class I’ve seen. The evidence of the bonds that are being made are everywhere, whether it is a picture in the Associate Facebook page of a fellow Associate sleeping, or a link to an online quiz made to help study the Constitution. I am proud to be able to witness and be a part of the growth of a new family within our organization. I know that when the training process is over, no matter how much I don’t want it to end, this organization will be full of great leaders who are assets to the organization. Although they are not done training yet, one thing is certain: they are enough.

Bookstore Beauty

By: Chelsea Black, 10/31/12

If I didn’t have enough love for our beautiful cam- pus already, that love has grown immensely since the Recruiting Committee visited our brand new bookstore last Thursday. Walking into the brand new LSU Barnes & Noble Bookstore is an incredible experience that I cannot wait for every LSU Tiger to enjoy! LSU spirit is overwhelming throughout the entire store, with purple and gold covering every spare

space. LSU now has the title of holding the largest collegiate Nike store as well, as well as the largest collegiate Barnes & Noble in the country! Containing everything from a Starbucks, a “Flying Tiger” plane hanging from the ceiling above the escalators, to an LSU Tech store, the new bookstore is nothing less than impressive. This bookstore will serve especially well for LSU Ambassadors during tours because it gives us an incredible facility to showcase giving lasting impressions for our future tigers! From the event room, to the courtyard, to the cozy lil’ chairs set up around the store, I definitely foresee myself spending many hours in this bookstore and I implore you all to do the same!

Welcome to the Family, Associates!

By: Ricky Richard, 10/24/12

Wow, I cannot believe we have 81 new associates this year! First of all, I would like to congratulate all the new LSU Ambassadors! It is so great to welcome fresh, new faces into this wonderful organization. One of the highlights of my semester was Associate Membership Xtravaganza or better known as AMX! From excited and newly chosen associates to tasty mellow mushroom pizza, AMX was one truly amazing night! I could not have thought of a better way to welcome all the associates into the family. But the excitement did not end there; another secret event was in the works- Buddy Reveal! The look of surprise on the associates’ faces when they found out that they were getting big buddies was priceless! Buddy Reveal was an evening filled with a lot of bonding and gift-giving, but it would not be Buddy Reveal without an intense game of ships and sailors! I was honored to be a big buddy this year, and I cannot wait to get to know my little buddies, Lyonel and Chase, better! I wish all the big and little buddies an awesome, prospering relationship. Cohesion, congrats on a job well done!!! Once again, congratulations associates! It’s going to be a great year!

Yo Ho, Yo Ho, An AMBs Life for Me!

By: Christina Grishman, 10/24/12

Captain Ashley Harel and her Buccaneers Patrick Newcomb and Alex Thrower led the eighty-one Associate Ambassadors through the high seas adventure of late-night training. From AMB lingo to the Constitution and By-Laws of LSU Ambassadors, the evening was jam-packed with hidden treasures. Dawning every color from black and green to blue and red, the Associates were separated into different teams/ships. During this time, they played games and participated in various activities. Cheers such as “G E A U X, GEAUX Green GEAUX!” filled the Baptist College Ministry Center in between, “Are You Smarter Than A Seasoned Ambassador?’ and “How NOT to Wear Your Polo.” Keeping with the Pirate theme, hilarious videos featuring TLC and SpongeBob Square Pants educated the Associates about various aspects of our beloved AMB. Afterword, in the love and spirit of Ambassador tradition, the annual conversations in the dark allowed all present to develop an even stronger bond and learn much more about one another. Later in the wee hours of the early morning, Associates were led to a very special ceremony by Associates of years past. In a candlelit room, Associates finally opened their eyes as they each received yellow paper polos. Overall, Late Night Training revealed treasures a’plenty in the Associate Class of 2012! Thank you to Training Mama, Ashley Harel and her Associate Chairs for an absolutely incredible job well done!

Buddy Walk Workshop

By: Dylon Hoffpauir, 10/24/12

Buddy Walk Workshop was a great time. We got to paint signs and the face-in-the-hole tigers for Buddy Walk! I can't wait to see everyone taking pictures with our art!! It was really fun to 'kick-back' in 51 with fabulous people like Jasmine Butler and Amanda Taylor! I enjoyed listening to music and painting with my wonderful Little Buddy, Kristen Self. I also really liked that we got to hang out in a relaxed environment, while still helping out with the production of Buddy Walk! Shout-out to Chelsea and Maddie for putting on this event. I had so much fun, and it made me so much more EXCITED to be apart of this year's Buddy Walk! I know we will impact so many lives this year, and I can't wait to be with Kelli, Parish's team and ALL of you this weekend!!! Much love, y'all!

Ahoy! New Associates are Coming Soon, Me Matey!

By: Bradley Williams, 10/3/12

Excited students waited at the door of the Union ballroom on Sunday, September 23, 2012 to begin a journey that would change some of them for the rest of their lives. This experience is about finding the best students on this university campus regardless of race, sexuality or gender that can best represent this university. Almost a year ago I, as well as the rest of my Associate Class of 2011, were in the same shoes this years’ applicants are in. Serving on the Membership Committee has opened my eyes to the process of being selected and what it means to be a part of this organization. Selections I was made successful through all of Membership’s hard work--especially our leaders, Caitlin Jordan, Meredith Keating and Michael Braud. I felt excited, joyful, and prepared as we waited for the applicants to come into the ballroom. Selections I was filled with group activities that allowed the group to work as a team and to connect with each other. During the fall, it is an exciting time for our organization because we are in the process of getting a new associate class. This year’s applicant count was at 398! This is one of the biggest numbers of applications ever received for our organization. It is obvious that this organization has truly made an impact on these applicants’ lives because it has inspired at least 398 people to want to join one of greatest

organization on campus. A new year is in full swing with clas-

ses, football games, and most importantly, a selection of a new Associate Class. Selections I was a huge success. Getting to know so many new faces and realizing the potential of some these applicants is exciting to me. The Associate Class of 2012 will be one for the books!

Murder Mystery Cohesion

By: Dante Johnson , 10/3/12

After a night of accolades at the Academy Awards Show, party go- ers attended the A-list after-party hosted by millionaire Vanity Af- fair. While socializing and schmoozing with Hollywood’s elite, ca- reers were be made, secrets were revealed, scandals were broken and a homicide... HAPPENED! It was up to all the party goers to uncover the clues to reveal the culprit. With everyone now a sus- pect, it didn't take long for this cele- bration to turn into an investigation. The room was filled with talk. Bribes were made; information was shared, and the truth was slowly coming to light! With the final piec- es of the puzzle connected, the cli- max of the night was the revealing of the murderer! As bold as the Hollywood sign on a sunny day, this mystery is what the critics call a "laffer"—funny, outrageous, surprising, and packed with plenty of adventure before the credits roll. Thanks, Cohesion, for making “Lights, Camera, MURDER!” such an eventful evening!

WOW'ing at Selections

By: Raina Vallot, 10/3/12

Although not a part of the Membership Committee, I got to see first-hand the hard work and planning the individuals on the committee put forth into making Selections I the success it was. I originally signed up to participate in the PERTA performance, not thinking much past the whole song and dance part of it. I was pleasantly surprised to know that my du- ties would also include mingling with participants as well. I enjoyed seeing the excitement and anticipation of the applicants as they entered the Union Ballroom. They seemed to find great comfort in talking to the seasoned AMBs in the room. I liked getting to meet so many new faces all at once, all while representing LSU in my PKNB. Speaking of PKNB, my favorite part of Selections I is that I got to participate in the PERTA, of course. Thanks to Lynzey and the PERTA com- mittee, we had great music and choreography to rock out to for the applicants. For both sessions, I could tell the audience really enjoyed the song and dance combo we surprised them with. In case you missed it, I’m sure there is a YouTube video or Facebook post floating around somewhere, so check it out! In all, the Membership Committee did a great job of executing the first Selections session, and I can’t wait to meet all the new Associ- ates!

Hanging In There

By: Katie Ryals, 9/19/12

I have always had a slight fear of heights. However, I thought I would develop some type of immunity to this fear by the time we reached the Ropes Course for our first Cohesion of the year. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. When we first arrived at the complex, we participated in several “team-building” exercises that involved untangling ropes and whacking each other with pool noodles (this was actually way more fun than it sounds.) Eventually, the instructor led us to the Ropes Course. I stood on the ground with twenty-one of my fellow Ambassadors staring up at the intimidating structure. I was sure I wouldn’t make it out alive. After a few minutes of instructions and safety tips, the instructor placed us in groups of four. I watched as the groups before me made their way across the course. Some tackled it with ease while others wobbled and sometimes fell, but still, they made it. Although my fear didn’t completely evaporate while I was up in the air, I felt a sense of strength and exhilaration. I fell a few times, but with the help of my team I was able to reach the end. I couldn’t have been more proud of myself and everyone who completed the course. Anne Marie, Mo, and Ryan planned a cohesion that we will never forget.

Kick-Off LSU: A Perspective

By: Tuan Tran, 9/19/12

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words Kick-Off LSU? For me, I’m thinking “Oh gosh, I’m going to stand in the quad for an hour while everyone walks by.” Meanwhile, everyone around me is thinking “Is he one of those freaks from Free Speech Plaza?” But that’s all fine and dandy because at the end of the day, I helped people. I spent 30 minutes in front of the union where I saw a parent repeatedly say that she knew her way. An hour later in the quad, I found her looking even more frazzled than ever. “I’m about to scream. Where is the bell tower?!” “Well ma’am, it’s right through those arches. You can actually see the tip of the bell tower from here.” First person helped. Check. The second person to come up to me? He wanted to know if “Tiger Team Information” involved Intramurals. I promptly directed him to the UREC website. Second person helped. Check. (On a side note, why the heck do the signs say “Tiger Team Information?” “Kick-Off LSU Information” makes so much more sense). Anyways, the point of this story is that even though you feel like you’re doing nothing, you are still helping people. You are the resource and security that visitors gravitate towards while they’re walking around campus. So, even though you’re standing there doing nothing and looking super fly, you’re still like that helicopter parent watching the little ducklings roam around campus. So, sign up for Kick-Off LSU and help recruit those little ducklings, y’all!

So fresh and So Clean, Clean

By: Jordan Richardson, 9/19/12

The time was 6:45 a.m., the place - Tiger stadium. 26 other Ambassadors and I set out on a very dangerous mission - cleaning the stadium that we all love so much (after Taylor provided us with some mouth-watering donuts). Maybe it was the crisp, cool weather of that morning that put me in such a good mood, or being in the stadium when it was not accessible to just anyone. When we were assigned to our section, let’s just says that that trash stood no chance. Headphones went in, Eminem came on, and trash came up; the only thing I needed was a hoodie and a bandana to be completely in my zone. Alas (Alonzo) my phone died. Later, I realized this was a blessing in disguise as so many random occurrences began to unfold. The rugby team on the opposite side of the stadium erupted into “call of the wild” type chants as the sun came up. I believe breast milk was found in the upper decks. Kolby provided us entertainment by singing the sounds of Ke$ha. Once I got past the fact that I was picking up half-eaten food, vomit, enough dip to supply every player in major league baseball, and other questionable items, I realized that I had actually served the university in a huge way--by cleaning a place that is so greatly respected, a place where so many memories have been made, a place where so many triumphant moments have taken place, and a place that so many people call home. I am truly thankful that I got to serve my university alongside 26 other amazing friends, and I look forward to doing it again.

Reconnecting with Old Friends

By: Austin Holleman, 9/5/12

Last Monday I had the opportunity to call LSU Ambassadors Alumni. The callers were responsible for updating contact information and informing the Ambassador Alumni of the chance to reconnect with other alumni by purchasing tickets to the LSU vs. Idaho game on September 15th. A tent will be set up in front of Johnston Hall from 3-5p.m. giving alumni a chance to meet up before the game.

Brandon, Gabrielle, Megan, and I called alumni scattered across the country. Some were eager to talk while others seemed ready for bed. And some of the alumni were more concerned with the approaching storm while others seemed to have no clue that Isaac was close to making landfall. I had many parents of Ambassador Alumni answer the phone…I assume it’s because some of the alumni still lived with their parents at the time of their graduation. It got awkward when some parents had NO idea what I was talking about. But that wasn’t as bad as when the person on the other end hung up the phone before we could even get a single word across the line. As we neared the end of the calling list we began to recognize the names of the Alumni. By the end of the night we were speaking with Ambassadors most of us call our friends. Luckily we reached all alumni in one night before Isaac came ashore. I can’t wait to welcome the Alumni to campus soon!

Finding your Passion while Finding Lockett

By: Meredith Keating, 9/5/12

There is no better way to start your school year than wear your PKNB, at least that’s what I thought! I walked around with pride in my PKNB, as I saw the recognition on the faces of the first- year students’ faces. I got several questions about where classes were located before I even started working the Ask Me Stations on those first two days of school. I arrived at Lockett for the last shift of the Ask Me Station with Maggi Spurlock from the FYE office. As we stood and talked, our most common question was the location of Lockett. We always told them with a smile, that they were already there. I was very excited when I got to highlight and give out a big campus map to a student in need. One of my favorite moments from the two days was when a senior asked for a few maps because she said she gave them to students that looked like they were lost. At the end of each day I helped Maggi take the tent down, which could be a difficult task, then we all parted ways. Ask Me Stations were a great way to start my junior year at LSU!

What’s the Deal About Jambalaya?

By: Adam Catanzaro, 9/5/12

As a part of Bengal Bound, out of state students were invited to eat jambalaya, learn about Louisiana’s culture, and win some cool LSU prizes. The LSU Ambassador’s jobs were to run the minute-to-win-it type games and to welcome the students. The students were broken up into different groups which had Louisiana names such as “Lagniappe” and “Beignets.” My game that I helped with had the student’s sort M&M’s by color and put them into different cups. The catch of the game was the students could only use on hand and could only pick up one M&M at a time. The students really enjoyed the game because it was a lot harder that it looked once the competition heated up. The event was very laid back and the students enjoyed socializing and meeting new people. Some of the other games they got to play were trivia, unscramble the alma mater, matching, and ships and sailors. Every winner of the games got to pick prizes that ranged from LSU hats and shirts to stadium seat cushions and thermoses. This event was great at getting out of state students to meet other students from their state. There were several foreign exchange students, including a girl I met from England!

Anchors Away: An OL Summer

By: Jasmine Butler, 8/22/12

"Being a part of the FOAP 2012 team was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had! I learned a lot about myself as a person and also as a leader. I made some lifelong friends who will definitely one day stand in my wedding. I can’t even express how amazing it was spending every day with 26 of the greatest people I know. Being an Orientation Leader was more than just making those friendships that will last forever, but it’s also about the students. My goal for the summer was to try to make orientation the best experience for them, and to show them how much passion I have for this university. LSU is my home and I wanted to make them Love Purple and Live Gold as much as I do. Working orientation was such a great experience and I would recommend it to everyone! I really want to thank the entire team for always being there for me and making my summer one of the best ever! This experience wouldn’t have been the same without y’all."

Calming Worries & Fears: A POL Summer

By: Taylor Heinen, 8/22/12

Serving as a Parent Orientation Leader was a truly gratifying experience; where I grew as a leader, a professional, and a person as a whole. One of my favorite things about being a POL was that parents really cherish any information that we gave them. When a parent whipped out their notebook full of questions we were able to see how scared that parent was, but when their questions were answered we could tell that a load was lifted off their shoulders as they felt the transition to LSU becoming easier. Another amazing part of being a POL was that by working on a team of only 12 POLs, I was able to get to know each member of the team really well. I was able to learn from each of their leadership styles and took a little bit of their style to make myself a better leader. As a Parent Orientation Leader, I got to experience giving large presentations to parents as well as having small breakout sessions. In both of these areas I felt myself get better as the summer went along and was able to watch my teammates get better as well. If someone were looking to grow in their role as an LSU Ambassador, as well as preparing themself for a career after college I would highly recommend applying to become a POL.

Welcome Back, AMBs!

By: 2012-2013 Council, 8/22/12

As another summer full of FOAP, summer travels, and a much needed break from the books has past, we’re already three days into our fall semester and it’s going to be a great one! We are very excited to welcome you back to another year at LSU as we have many amazing things hap- pening within our organization this year! Communications and Membership have been working hard to make some great new changes that will ensure we are finding the best Associate class ever! The Training Committee is busy organizing the Train- ing Binder and getting ready to teach some new Associates how to be official University representatives! Applications for both the Recruiting Team and the SROW Committee are going out soon, and AMBs have already been hard at work at several Special Program events. FUN-FIN, Cohesion, and PERTA are working their hardest to bring in the new year with several surprises, not limited to new apparel, exciting Cohesions, and a tidy 51 office space. As we count the days until SPIN with the Orientation Committee, remember that you can always contact your At-Large members at We’re so excited to be back in the swing of things, and we can’t wait to really get started! Hope you all enjoy the changes Council has made and are excited as we are about this year! Geaux AMB!

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